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Steps to Enrollment

Dear Families:

Thank you for your interest in Legacy Christian Academy. It is our desire to assist

families in giving children the best Christian education possible and helping Christian

families to raise Godly generations. The following steps MUST be completed before a

student is considered for enrollment.


 Please know, Legacy Christian Academy exists to -"bring students to Jesus, so that He might bless them."





 Turn in completed application form (including SS number).

 _____ Pay registration fee.

 _____ Schedule testing time. All LCA grade K-12 applicants must be tested.



_____ Photocopy of your child's birth certificate

 _____ Report card from previous school

_____ Financial clearance from previous school

_____ Confidential Principal's recommendation form

_____ Pastor's reference form, applicant grades 5-12

_____ Entrance test completed

 (Above forms due at time of testing)

_____ Medical form and copy of shot record required for new students and

 returning Kinder, 1st, 6th, and 9th grades



 _____ Interview with Principal

_____ All remaining forms must be completed prior to student's acceptance

_____ An acceptance letter has been received