6th - 12th Grade Girls

To help families during this time, we have given great latitude in the dress code. Parents, we appreciate your help in following the policies set in place for all students.

1. Student may wear the standard LCA uniform:


white polo with navy pants

navy polo with khaki pants

chapel shirt with navy pants

LCA sweater or cardigan

Black or navy belt

black, blue, or white socks

solid black shoes


white polo

white ¾ sleeve shirt with tie

plaid or navy skirt

navy pants

LCA sweater or cardigan

knee-high navy, gray, or white socks

solid black shoes

2. Student may wear standard LCA uniform shirt with jeans, socks, and choice of tennis shoe. When wearing jeans, student may wear LCA sweater, LCA cardigan, or LCA hoodie.

3. Student may wear any LCA, DNOW, or TAPPS championship shirt with jeans, socks, and choice of tennis shoe. When wearing jeans, student may wear LCA sweater, LCA cardigan, or LCA hoodie.

Jeans must be full-length to the ankle, black or blue, no holes or rips.  Shortened and rolled jeans are not allowed.


Middle School &

High School 

Girl Uniform Policy

The purpose of our dress code is to focus on character development, modesty and self-discipline. Our desire is students will reflect the Lord Jesus in all aspects of their lives. Legacy Christian Academy maintains an exclusive contract with Uniforms Plus, and all uniform items must be purchased there. All uniforms are to be clean, unstained and in good repair without holes.

Regular Daily Uniform:

Polo Shirt:                             

White only; LCA logo embroidered on all polo shirts


Navy; must be well fitted; not tight or too short


Plain, solid black or navy (excluding buckle) with pants

White ¾ Sleeve Blouse: 

Must be worn with a plain, white camisole or white undershirt.

Colorful bras and undershirts are not allowed.


Girls navy tie worn with white blouse;

High school tie embroidered with graduation year.


Navy or plaid; waist may not be rolled, 

Modesty shorts are required.


Navy or gray; pullover, cardigan or navy sweater vest


LCA letterman jackets in high school.

Fleece jacket, wind breaker and hoodie not worn in class


Knee-high: white, navy, gray or black; opaque or cable

White, navy, gray or black tights 


Black flats or 2-inch pump style heels 

Solid black athletic shoes (including soles) may be worn.

Open-toed shoes and slipper shoes are not allowed.

Hair Items:                           

Royal, navy, black or white, non-distracting hair items 


Neat and clean, not covering the eyes

Disruptive/bizarre haircuts or hairstyles are not allowed.

natural looking highlights/lowlights/hair coloring

Similar to individual’s hair color

Conservative (moderate, not extreme or faddish)

Unnatural hair coloring is not allowed.

If you are not 100% certain that the hair color/hairstyle your student would like is within LCA student guidelines, please contact the office.


All earrings must be worn in the lobe.                                                    

Hoops must be less than ¾-inch diameter.                                                    

May not hang down more that 1-inch from the lobe.                                                    

Body piercings are not allowed.


One necklace may be worn. 

May have one appropriate charm.                                                    

Choker necklaces are not allowed.


One bracelet or wrist band may be worn.


One watch may be worn


One ring may be worn on each hand


Colored nail polish is allowed for girls.                                                    

Permanent or temporary tattoos are not allowed.                                                   

Writing or drawing on skin is not allowed.                                                   

Black or dark nail polish is not allowed.


Make-up must be conservative and modest.                                                   

Makeup should never be applied in the classroom.                                                    

Bold or excessively dark shades are not allowed.

Required Chapel Uniform: 

¾ sleeve blouse, blue or plaid skirt, tie

P.E. uniforms:  

Must be purchased from LCA; worn for P.E. class

Casual Uniform:  

LCA shirt, full-length jeans (blue or black, no holes)

Tennis shoes of your choice.